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Is anybody here listening?

Some days I start shaking my head in disbelief, even before I get out of bed. We have a shortstop who thinks its funny to print an insult on his cheek patches, a mayor who wants to spent $300 K removing a bike lane on a downtown street so that car lovers will save 2 minutes on their morning commute, and a huge chunk of  American voters who think the philosophy of Ayn Rand will save the Republic. In my city of Toronto, no longer run by an Orange Lodge clique, we have people who thought it was a great idea to put black students in separate schools. I thought that was an idea from another century. Now there is talk of having “gay-centric” schools — presumably to save our non-heterosexual children from being bullied.

Where on earth do all these dumb-ass ideas come from? If we want to isolate some children from the mainstream we should think about schools that are “allergy-centric”. Now that’s going to get a few knickers in a knot!

Just think about this. We know that anything containing nuts, especially peanuts, is forbidden in our schools. That’s because every school has someone with a nut allergy and even peanut breath can cause severe harm to that kid. My granddaughter goes to a school where there is at least one child who has a dairy allergy. Therefore, no milk, cheese or yogurt is allowed in the daily lunches of every other child. Thus, the majority of children are deprived of such nutritious foods as peanut butter or cheese sandwiches that may be washed down with milk. Does that make any sense to you? It doesn’t to me.

We are far better off when all races, orientations and creeds go to school together, play together, and know each other rather than segregate one another. Within a block of my house, in any direction, there are Europeans, South Asians, Asians, Africans, Americans, West Indians, even a few native borns. Scarborough Village is one heck of a neighbourhood where we are all pursuing the so-called American Dream (except we are doing it non-violently). Such is the beauty of living in one of the more diverse communities in the world.

So why can’t the kids with allergies have their own safe, secure and hypoallergenic refuge and let the rest of our children get on with their normal lives and eating habits?

More on the CAF mission

Should the mission of our Canadian Armed Forces be as auxiliaries to the US army as they seem to be now, or should they be an organization that is dedicated to the enhancement of cultural and economic values for our own country? The recent Environics poll in Afghanistan appears to reveal that the local population doesn’t even realize that there are Canadian troops on the ground there. They think the foreign soldiers are either American or German (a country that doesn’t have any soldiers there).

Has it not occurred to anyone in the decision-making loop in Ottawa that having adventures in far-off lands should not be part of the CAF mission except when the country is under extreme duress or must come to the aid of allies. Neither of these conditions are in place at the moment. We originally went to Afghanistan to share the workload with the Americans in rooting out Osama bin Laden. When the Americans abandoned that search to invade Iraq so that they could control the oil fields there, the Canadians were left like ‘monkeys in the middle’ of local insurgencies. This role is a waste of valiant, courageous and skillful troops who are stuck in a political morass that has no end and where there will be no winning outcome.

What about the patrol work that needs to be done on our ocean coasts, north, east & west? What about monitoring the Great Lakes? What about collaborating with our Coast Guard to protect our fisheries and so on. What about establishing a presence in the north to ratify our sovereignty there? Why aren’t there coordinated programs linking the reserves with the active forces to ensure that there can be swift and helpful responses to domestic disaster situations?

Don’t Canadians care about the real mission of our CAF or are we all satisfied that our leaders take direction from Washington?