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Politics as Usual

Is it any wonder that fewer people turn up to vote in elections these days? At the municipal level, here in Toronto, we have a Mayor who glories in his megalomania, aided by his addiction to alcohol and other illegal substances; we have a Premier who is saddled with some dumb and costly choices by her predecessor, opponents who are happy to mislead the public about important issues; and a Prime Minister who continues to make stupid, avoidable decisions.

Why would any thoughtful citizen want to be bothered with these clownish behaviours?

And, because we have never seriously tried to escape from the first past the post election process, we get people elected with less than 30% of the eligible electorate. Thus, if we don’t change our method of electing our leaders, we are bound to suffer from the worst of demagoguery. Of course, the fact that we elect so many incompetents, is entirely our own fault. How many of us have actually attended political meetings and debates? How often, if ever, do we call or write to our sitting members? If we don’t tell them what we think or what we want , they will follow the wants of those who do.

If you don’t state your case for your issue, you have no business complaining if political decisions are made without your input. It’s called a democracy for a reason. If you, as one of those individuals who could vote, who could influence, who could make a difference and you don’t — you are letting yourself and your fellow citizens down.