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The first draft is never perfect…

Life is like writing… the first draft is never perfect. The hard part is the editing.

Life is a continuum of learning whether we realize it or not. Yet, all of the lessons we receive are not always understood or acted upon.

When we write, whether a letter, a memo, a report or a story, it is incumbent upon us to make it as good as possible. Who knows who will see the results of your work and what will be the impression your work has on those readers? The editing function enables you to put your ideas forward in the best possible presentation mode. Yet, many of us look at this critical part as a burden not to be taken on.. thus, sometimes what we mean to say becomes obscured by sloppy, first draft syndrome.

Life can be a lot like writing because we are continually confronted by new ideas and evolving environments. If we don’t adjust, adapt and change (i.e. edit) to overcome and succeed in the drama called life, we become stuck in outdated and often false attitudes towards the world we live in. editing our mindset in order to stay ahead of the tsunami of change in our contemporary world is the only way we become true survivors, if not leaders, and truly human.

That is not to say we must accept every new fad or whimsical notion of society that comes along. Rather we must be selective about what new data is appropriate for us as individuals. The important thing is never get stuck in the attitudes of yesteryear. Retain your ethical base but find new pathways to fulfill your destiny and edit, edit, edit.