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Brain cents

When the Canadian government decided to cancel further production of the 1 cent coin, it occurred to us that all those pennies sitting in jars in many households could be put to use helping us to deter brain trauma cause by maternal drinking in pregnancy.

We thought, what if those pennies in jars, boxes, drawers, wherever, were turned over to FASworld, we would roll them and put them in the bank. We’ve got lots of worthy projects that could use every bit of help they can get. Let’s see, $17 would cover the cost of an ink cartridge for our office printer; $75 covers the cost of renting the space where we take youth in our FASD peer group for cooking lessons; and $9 will get us a box of envelopes. As an organization of unpaid volunteers, we still need funding for many out-of-pocket expenses.

So how about it? send us your pennies and we’ll put them to good use helping others who struggle with FASD. And if your contribution comes to $25 or more, you’ll get a charitable receipt from FASworld Toronto. And that makes brain cents — don’t you agree?

When you do, let us know where we can pick up your treasure trove or where you can drop them off. Reach us at 416-264-8000, brian@fasworld.com or bonnie@fasworld.com. (BTW, coins of all denominations equally welcome!)