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Ontario Leaders’ Debate Update



Every so often we have to make choices. Day-to-day, the choices are relatively easy and mistakes are soon forgotten. Choosing a life partner is more delicate and consequential. In my case, I was so concerned, so intimidated that I might make a bad choice, I could not think about marriage until I was 33. Now, after 52 years with Bonnie, I realize that my cautious reluctance was the wisest move I ever made.

When it comes to politics, however, we don’t always have all the time we’d like. Political junkies can immerse themselves in the morass of minutiae that is partisan politics. I, like many of us, can only skim the media reports that cover the skirmishes of the day. By the time shopping, meal planning, work assignments, family events and what little is left over for leisure activities, who has time for the political ramifications of every election cycle? Whenever I manage to explore partisan issues just before an impending election, I am usually confronted with conflicting information that doesn’t conform to reality.

I have always believed in the power of my vote and have voted in every election I was eligible for. My candidates didn’t always win but I had the satisfaction of knowing that I had made my concerns paramount. So much for moral victories! Elections mean you must make your choice by a deadline, not in your own sweet time. Opting out is not an option!

After fifteen years in government, the Ontario Liberal Party appears to have worn out its welcome. Some pundits say that Kathleen Wynne’s mandate is tired and doomed. They say that Andrea Horwath’s NDP may not make it because her numbers don’t add up and the aura of Rae Days keeps seeping in. Do we have no other choice than to hold our noses and vote for the oxymoronic Progressive Conservatives? Is awful Mike Harris so easy to forget? Can vainglorious Doug Ford convince us that he has all the answers to this province’s issues? His background of drug dealing and a half-hearted period in Toronto City Council where he propped up his addled buffoon of a brother doesn’t inspire confidence.

Obviously Wynne is not perfect but…?

If we cut taxes we must cut services. What do you pick?

  • Longer waits in Emerge?
  • More potholes in our roads?
  • More pollution in our cities?
  • More developer-driven communities?
  • Fewer special education classes?
  • More teenage pregnancies for lack of sex-ed?
  • More accused released for lack of court capacity?
  • More delays everywhere for everything?

The final Leaders’ Debate on May 27/18 consolidated everything for me: Horwath wanted to yammer all the time, her turn or not; Ford, bewildered by the enormity of it all, had nothing but bombast and bumper stickers; Wynne appeared to be the only one with a handle on reality.

Currently, the opposition at Queen’s Park complains that Liberal campaign promises are too little, too late. Why didn’t this government promise these initiatives long ago? In other words, why didn’t the government do everything all at once? Why didn’t this government make everyone well off?

Guess I’m still looking for the Ontario parliament that will make everyone happy.

Meanwhile, beware of Doug!